BFH: ByDzyne Continues Global Expansion Into Colombia

BFH: ByDzyne Continues Global Expansion Into Colombia

ByDzyne has embarked on a strategic global expansion strategy to capitalize on the growing international demand of their products and business opportunity. Recently, the company has announced its official prelaunch into Colombia as one of the first LATAM countries alongside Peru.

“We are dedicated to investing in scalable markets with long-term growth opportunities to generate higher levels of global market penetration,”

exclaims Sophia Wong, Co-Founder & President of ByDzyne.

Within 3 weeks of Prelaunch, Colombia already pulled in hundreds of entrepreneurs to their event, taking the already high level excitement surrounding the opportunity to a whole new level, bringing in over $700,000 worth of sales revenue.

Inevitably, it generated a strong rank advancement month, producing multiple Diamonds and above. Included are

3 Star Diamonds Patricia Tamara & Pedro Mojica, and lejandro Monroy
2 Star Diamonds Paola Torres & Salvatore Conforti, Alejandro Arango

Sebastian Fernandez
Liliana Mesa & Mauricio Muñoz
Santiago Londoño
Jorge Vasquez
Laura Sánchez
Alexander Mesa
Silvia Arango & Monica Quintero
Alejandra Escobar
Johan Olivares,
Victor Franco just to name a few.

“The passion in Colombia is unmatchable. Given that passion is the fuel for success, there is no doubt in our minds that Colombia will be one of the biggest markets for ByDzyne. We were honored to part of such a powerful prelaunch,”

exclaims Chad & Nattida Chong, Co-Founders of ByDzyne.

As an innovative, multi-dimensional company, ByDzyne has already launched into technology, beauty, wellness, travel, and most recently, forex education. “The Power of Choice” is what sets ByDzyne apart, and they are excited to shortly launch a localized product specifically for LATAM.

“We look forward to continuing to provide these markets with the training and support they need to truly make the most of this opportunity, which has already been so warmly received. The sky is now the limit.,”

says Nat & Chanida Puranaputra, Co-Founders & Chairmen of ByDzyne.

Colombia Team ByDzyne
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