RECAP: Episode 1 – Travel Talk with Rob Baker

RECAP: Episode 1 – Travel Talk with Rob Baker

ByDzyne is proud to launch the latest product training series with our Travel Advisory Board Member, Robert Baker!

We want to make sure that you, our Brand Ambassadors are always equipped with the right knowledge and correct information to help you get the most out of your Premier ECO Subscription (PES). PES is the brainchild of Rob himself and in this Travel Talk series, he will continue to train on the various features of the platform, how to maximize these features to your advantage and how to market PES to your customers. 

About Robert Baker
Chief Travel Advisory Board Member

Robert Baker has over 26 years of experience in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) achieving the top ranks of four MLM companies includi

ng top money earner, and national trainer. Introduced to the niche MLM travel industry 23 years ago as a sales representative, Rob has thrived in this space ever since. He has built several organizations of home-based travel agents with over 54,000 agents combined.

From 1998 Rob transitioned from being a top distributor in the field to becoming a vital part of the corporate realm. He became a co-owner of two MLM travel companies where he created the business concept, spear-headed the development of technology and training systems, which led to the contracting of over 123,000 combined home-based travel agents.

It was only a matter of time before Rob ultimately started his own travel company in 2012, bringing to the marketplace a new home-based travel agent opportunity. With this unique concept, he has created a private travel savings subscription, specializing in developing culture group trips with VIP and unique experiences at special pricing that’s hard to beat. The Premier ECO Subscription is a culmination of his passion for the travel industry and years of experience in this space.

In the first episode of Travel Talk, Rob highlights some of the key features of PES and gives us expert tips on how to best utilize this “Lifestyle Platform”.

✅ What is the PES Dashboard – Unique features of the PES Dashboard that makes it stand out from any other travel platform in the market. (7:21)
✅ How to market PES (8:55)
✅ What are the value added features that makes PES not only a great travel savings platform, but a platform where you can save on the things you do daily! (9:10)
✅ Local Preferred Merchants (9:15)
✅ Preferred Destinations (9:55)
✅ High-touch benefits (10:51)
✅ How to manage your account (13:13)
✅ Adding a second person to the account (13:59)
✅ Importance of reading the Member Guide (14:30)
✅ How to correctly use the platform – If you’re not saving, you’re probably not maximizing on the platform features! (15:30)
✅ The Price Guarantee feature (16:57)
✅ Live demonstration on how to book a hotel – Also see the importance of reading the cancellation policy and terms & conditions, and why a hotel may or may not have a high amount of savings. (17:52)
✅ How to book a cruise (26:44)
✅ Flights – Suggestions and recommendations on how to book a flight to get the best savings whether online or offline. (28:32)
✅ Weeks – If you have a large family it may be more feasible to book a condominium as it offers huge value for the number of people. (30:15)
✅ Marketplace – Bid on a condominium! (33:18)
✅ Activities – Benefit from PES without actually having to travel. Book an activity near you and earn reward credits to be used towards free bookings later. (34:19)
✅ Gift cards – How to exchange reward points for a gift card vs. free travel (select countries only) (35:42)
✅ What is Easy Cash Off (ECO) what an ECO customer experiences through the ECO Lite website (36:36)
✅ How to redeem credits for free flights, hotels and other activities. (37:46)

Catch the first episode of Travel Talk linked above. You don’t want to miss out on key points and expert tips that you can only get from the PES Mastermind – Rob Baker!

Be sure to check the Events Page on for the announcement of the next episode of Travel Talk and all Product Training series. 

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