RECAP: Episode 3 -Mindmover Mondays

RECAP: Episode 3 -Mindmover Mondays

Ready to begin the week and gear into action? This Mindmover Monday, Chad & Nattida Chong talk about the most important tool in Network Marketing!

With exceptional training tips, tricks and tools coupled with LIVE interaction, Mindmover Mondays is for anyone from around the world, hungry to learn more! Remember that the best trained and informed team always WINS! Read on or CLICK HERE to watch the call to get all the latest advancements, updates and training prepared just for you.



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Catch today’s short training session on our ByDzyne Official Facebook Page! If you want Chad & Nattida to answer some of your burning business related questions, go to Telegram and send a message to @bydzynecorp with the hashtag #askchadnattida. Don’t forget to mention your name and where you’re writing in from for a quick shout out during the LIVE training session.

Training Topic for the day:

What to do when people say “No”!

Hearing rejection when you prospect someone may seem discouraging. But we’re here to say that hearing “No” can actually be rewarding!

“No” means ‘Not Now’

Timing is everything!

When you hear “No”, remember to stay positive and don’t take it personally. Maybe your prospect is not in the right place at this time to consider the opportunity, but keep the door open always and follow up with them in a month or at a later date. Empathize and express your understanding of their current situation and that maybe they could think about taking it up at a later time. In the mean time, keep them updated with your progress in the business and how you’re fairing, so that they may consider it at some point. Say to them, “I know you probably can’t envision yourself in this business and partnering up with me right now. But I will keep you up to date with what’s happening with the company and my business, because the future can never be predicted and is full of possibilities.”

Draw a plan of action to follow up

Set a reminder in your calendar to follow up with anyone who has said “No”. It could be a month since your initial meeting with them or any other date, but be sure to follow up with them. Make it a part of your daily routine to check your calendar for these reminders. Your calendar will reflect your activity levels and your activity levels will help you achieve your dreams. 

How do you get busy?

Tired of hearing no? Waiting to get busy? Wait no longer. Download the D3 Planner immediately and contact your upline leader/mentor. Ask them to help you with the Top 10 in your D3 list and then Show, Shadow and duplicate.

Show – Your upline leader will show you what to do first hand, while helping you with your Top 10

Shadow – Shadow what they do

Duplicate – By duplicating what they do, you can build your organization faster!

“No”? No problem!

Get referrals!

In order to build a large organization, you NEED referrals. As you follow up with candidates who have said no, always ask for referrals, don’t end it a that one person. Just as you have a 100 Names List, they too have their own network of people who may be interested or fair well in network marketing. And you can be sure that when you ask for a referral, they will connect you with the best candidate in mind.

The Digging Technique – More No’s means more referrals

Let’s say A says no. Ask A for a referral by saying, “Who do you know that may be amazing at this business?”. When deducing a good recommendation, A will think about the best candidate who is business savvy, intelligent or sharp and would be good at network marketing. So A refers B.

Now when contacting B, There’s a simple method to demand their interest. The method is simple but requires getting used to and some amount of practice. Start off by letting B know that A referred them to you and the three best qualities that would make B the best candidate for this business. 

Example: “Hey B! I got your number from our friend A. A told me that you’re an amazing entrepreneur, intelligent and sharp. Is A lying?” In all likelihood B will say no, leaving the door open for you to prospect them. In an ideal situation, you would then be able to close them.

Realistically speaking however, it is possible that A says no and refers B. B says no and refers C. C says no and refers D. That’s three people you’ve had to hear no from. Now let’s say D is interested. Not only that but D is a keen candidate and signs up with a FOUNDERS KIT! D’s membership is now leverage to get C’s attention to sponsor this person they referred who has signed up with a Founder’s Kit. If all goes well and C signs up, you can prospect B again and finally A, whose interest is now piqued at an all time high at this amazing opportunity all because he referred ONE person.

So never feel disheartened when someone says no. More no’s means more referrals. And as you get more referrals, you dig deeper into a network opening doors to many more people than in your 100 Names List

CLICK HERE to watch the entire training with more tips and tricks by Chad on what to do when people say no.

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