BFH: Tyler Shirakawa Achieves Top President Rank

BFH: Tyler Shirakawa Achieves Top President Rank

Tyler Shirakawa achieves top rank of President with ByDzyne.

A President generates over $200,000 of sales revenue in a 2 week period.

Currently, Tyler resides in Hilo, HI. With over 6 years of experience in the profession of network marketing, Tyler has achieved great success and has come across and now has familiarity with the product industry, service industry, and the crypto currency space.

Additionally, he has been a forex trader for the past 4 years and has earned well over 7 figures with the knowledge he has attained. ByDzyne couldn’t have been a better fit because it allows him to bring all those experiences all under one roof.

Tyler explains,

“Ever since I was 18 I was always into helping others. I would always give more than I had and asked for nothing in return. I prayed to God for an opportunity to not only change my life, but to help others as well and He showed me ByDzyne.

I joined ByDzyne because of the leadership and vision. Money is great and all but that should never be the reason to join a company. The leadership here at ByDzyne is PRICELESS.  Chanida and Nat Puranaputra and their daughter Nattida and son in-law Chad Chong have been amazing servant leaders and great mentors.

And with the experience and background of our President Sophia Wong you already know ByDzyne will be the next and fastest company to a Billion Dollars. Their 150 years of combined experience is truly are a Power House!  I always wanted to work with them and here I am today.

ByDzyne doesn’t feel like a network marketing company. It feels like a Home and everyone is one big happy family, and I wouldn’t give this up for the world.  Why? Because I know in my heart there is no opportunity bigger and greater than ByDzyne.”

“Never have we seen someone as aggressive and willing to talk to literally EVERYONE about the opportunity. His belief is on a whole different level and we couldn’t be more proud of him. The sky is the limit for Tyler. That is a fact!,”

exclaims Chad & Nattida Chong.

“ByDzyne is so proud of Tyler. He puts his team first at all times and has always had a smile on his face. We are here to support him reach all of his goals,” says Sophia Wong.

Lastly Tyler would love to thank God, his family, and his best friend Peggy for her support ,his mentors Jason and Jed , his close friend Alisa and his team. “Team without you I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this with all your hard work. I can’t say enough how much appreciation I have.”

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