RECAP: The Power of Choice – Ep. 8 – Mindmover Mondays

RECAP: The Power of Choice – Ep. 8 – Mindmover Mondays

Watch this week’s Mindmovers Monday with special guest trainer 2 Star President Jed Buenaluz! Read on or CLICK HERE to watch the call.



Enrollment Upgrade Guide: Looking to upgrade your enrollment kit? Check out the updated Enrollment Upgrade Guide now available on under the Tools > Downloads section. Make sure to read all the important notes and rules.


Recognition Feature:
A brand new Recognition Feature will be released on January 21st! Starting tomorrow you will be able to download recognition photos of your Enroller Tree in real time under Marketing > Recognition Image! As soon as your team member achieves their new rank, their recognition photo will become available. Share straight to Facebook, Twitter, or download.

Personal Sales Page (PSP):
Share your ‘Personal Sales Page’ (PSP) links directly to your prospects, social media followers, and anyone else who you know would love to hear more about a specific product! Newly added is the SMA PSP page link. You can find your ‘Personal Sales Page’ in your Back Office > Marketing > Personal Sales Page. Remember to update the message that gets displayed when a prospect visits your PSP page and clicks on ‘Contact Me’. 


Social Share now available:
Just released today is the brand new Social Share feature for Premier ECO Subscription! Not only can you “SEND” Easy Cash Off via email, you can now share your own personal ECO link on any of your social media
platforms! You can find the Social Share link in your Back Office under My Account > Premier ECO Subscription > Social Share.
1. Click on the COPY LINK button
2. Paste the link anywhere you want to share an ECO.
It’s that simple!


Promo qualifiers will receive 2 separate emails (one for Mexico and one for the Destination Giveaway) 30 days after the purchase date, with instructions on how to redeem each trip. 
After 30 days from the purchase of your PES Subscription you will be sent an email with your Mexico trip certificate. The certificate will contain both Certificate Number & an Authorization Code.
1) Go to the website provided in the email and certificate.
2) Register for your account and activate the certificate.
3) Choose your hotel package (dates, location, upgrades, things to do, spa packages, etc.) and book your vacation!

Important to note:
• All hotel bookings, information, prices is managed by our third—party vendor. For all queries, contact the Travel Specialist number provided or the the hotel.
• This certificate is NOT transferable, or can be resold.
• Certificate does not include air, food or beverages, and is not all-inclusive (upgrade options and additional nights are available for some locations and are offered on the redemption website).
• Must be 21 years or older to make a reservation.
• A refundable deposit is required at check in.
• Couples recommended and families welcome.
• Must activate the promotion certificate and travel before 12 months after the ISSUE date on the certificate. 


On Wednesday, January 22nd, all qualifiers (Cyber Cycle and PES Annual Purchaser) of the Destination Giveaway Trip will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to register for your vacation!

1) Click the link in your email.
2) Fill out the form, choose your country and city.
3) Submit your form and within 48 hours you will be sent a voucher for your trip with instruction on how to activate.
4) Click on the ACTIVATE link in your email, pay the nightly taxes & fees, and then you’ll have 18 months to complete your travel!
Note: YOU MUST ACTIVATE THE VOUCHER WITHIN 7 DAYS OF RECEIVING IT. Once you vacation is activated you can select travel dates, choose from participating hotels/resorts (based on availability), choose your room type, and book your complimentary vacation.
Once your vacation is activated, you can log into your account at any time to select travel dates, choose from participating hotels/resorts, choose your room type, and book your complimentary vacation (a minimum of 30 days advanced booking is required).
Once your travel dates are confirmed, no changes will be allowed. 


Business For Home Poll:

Calling all of #BDNation! Rally everyone you know to VOTE for ByDzyne for the BEST compensation plan out there. We know it to be true, and now it’s time to let the WORLD know. This will be an AMAZING tool to use for your current and future prospects once we reach top ranks and win the poll. VOTE NOW!
1. Download / Update the FREE Business For Home app.

2. Go to the MENU (upper right corner)
3. Select Poll
4. Log in to your Facebook account
5. Select ByDzyne
6. Push the vote button!


All promotions valid till January 31st. Click on the links below to read each individual promotion rules and details:
1) Sell 2, Earn Double Infinity Welcome Bonus Promo
2) SMA Active Status Promo
3) PES Annual Product Promotion


Wednesday, January 22nd @ 7pm Pacific Wealth Wednesdays with Gary ‘FXBigDog’ Fichardt. For Spanish & Thai Translations ZOOM ID: 166-778-278.
Wednesday, January 22nd @ 6pm Pacific & 8pm Bangkok
Live BDO Presentations in English & Thai on the ByDzyne Official Facebook Page.
Monday, January 27th @ 6pm PacificCBD101 with Dr. Sharma on the ByDzyne Official Facebook Page.
Monday, January 27th @ 7pm PacificMindmover Monday with Chad & Nattida Chong


Lima, Peru – January 23rd
Bogota, Colombia – January 25th | Registration: 2:00pm | Event timings: 3:00pm to 8:00pm | Location: Teatrino Compensar Av 68 #49a 47
More event details will be announced soon! Join & Subscribe to our Social channels for the announcement.


Bangkok, Thailand – February 29th.
Calling all ByDzyne leaders from all over the world! Come have the experience of a lifetime with the ByDzyne Family!


Training Topic for the day:



At ByDzyne, the possibilities are limitless. With our seasoned corporate leadership at the helm, we have an established system that works. It is up to us to decide how much we want and how hard we’re willing to work towards achieving our goals. If you want to live the life you always dreamed of, NOW is the time to work towards it. It’s time to:


1) 20/30 GOAL
Sponsor 20 people in 30 days
Expose as many people as you can to the ByDzyne opportunity. It doesn’t matter if they say yes or no, it matters that they get exposed to the products, the company, the founders and opportunity and that they see 100% of the information. They need to see what we see so they understand why we’re a part of this amazing community. Invite your prospeects to BDOs, events and meetings so they can see the community and leadership that can help people achieve their dreams.
You need not be a great presenter, you just have to be a good connector. Expose people to the people you work with with so they can see that positive energy, the hope and the opportunity. It starts with you and it starts now! Now is the time to remember your “why” and make your goals happen.
If you feel discouraged or feel the fire dimming inside you, look to our leaders. At ByDzyne, we have leadership that has done it over and over again and are still doing it. They don’t preach, they practice. They show it through action. Whatever your goal is with ByDzyne for 2020, we have leaders who have implemented an already working system to help you achieve all your goals! 

Your calendar determines your results
The only boss we have in our business is our calendar – not our mentors, not our upline.
Full calendar = full income
Empty calendar = empty bank account.
Before you talk to your leadership, upline, mentors, create a full calendar. Your calendar will dictate where you will be. With a full calendar, people will start taking you more seriously and you will take yourself more seriously. 
Even if you’re in building part time, build part-time with a full-time mindset. Let the time you spend building your business be as productive as possible
You’re building part time with a full time mindset. People will take you more seriously, you will take yourself more seriously and your calendar will serve as a good inventory to see how productive you will be.

Surround yourself with like-minded people at every opportunity
We always have to be around people that believe. It raises the belief of a person who may be in doubt or may be frustrated.
Host an event maybe online on zoom or get together with a community of people and always participate at any ByDzyne event happening near you. Events are your opportunity to grow, to be inspired, and to learn the ropes from the best of the best. You’ll know what drives them every day to work hard and excel and how this unique business opportunity can help you achieve your own goals.
Get around like minded people to stay motivated, driven and to keep that fire burning inside of you.

PRO TIP: Stay focused
The only way to truly be productive and complete all of the above, is to stay laser-focused. Don’t be distracted by chaos or another shiny object. Focus on exactly what you ant and on the result you want. Everyone has the focus inside of them to bring through their desired goals. 
Keep going. If you think you can’t go any further, go further. If it’s not painful, not exhausting, you didn’t go hard enough. Keep pushing and build momentum with every step you take. Keep pushing and create a fire with that momentum. 
Write your goal, send it to your mentor or your upline so they can hold you accountable.


CLICK HERE to watch the entire training with Jed Buenaluz!

Read and download the Mindmover Mondays Episode 8 Recap below. Document contains all Promotional Rules for Promotions which end on Jan 31, 2020.

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