RECAP: How to keep a YES Ep. 14 – Mind Movers Updates & Training

RECAP: How to keep a YES Ep. 14 – Mind Movers Updates & Training

It’s not enough to get someone so say YES. How do you get someone to KEEP their YES? Find out in today’s Leadership training!

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Training Topic for the day:


In Network Marketing, an networker’s most important task starting out, is prospecting. It takes a well established system, hard work and dedication to find the best prospects. Here at ByDzyne we have the D3 system that helps a BA’s process of recruiting simple. Today we will share another simple system of how to get a prospect to say YES to ByDzyne and KEEP it. With all your hard work in building a relationship and laying down the ground work with a new prospect every time, it’s as important to acknowledge that this YES has to be secured.

Unfortunately it is very easy for a member to turn a prospect’s YES into a NO. We’ll see this in the examples given below. But first!
Always remember to keep an application form ready at all times. When you have an application form on hand, you have a higher rate of success, because you can enroll someone instantly, versus giving a person too much time in going back home and filling it out online. This might give them a chance to second guess their YES.

With this in mind let’s look at how to keep a prospect’s YES online and offline. These are simple yet meaningful tips that could mean business.

Let’s say you’re meeting someone at a coffee shop, a hotel, at an event or even at your home.
1) You need to have your application form.
Once you go through the prospecting process and your prospect gives you three yeses (refer to last week’s episode), always give them the application form and you will experience a higher rate of success.
2) If you don’t have a pen, you just turned your YES into a NO.
Be fully prepared and always have a pen along with your forms. If you don’t have a pen you’ll waste time searching for one and your prospect’s mindset will begin to change.
3) Use a blue pen.
In using a blue pen you get a higher rate of success. It gives someone psychologically gives that person the ability to like this more than not like it. If you don’t have the pen, you just turned a yes into a no.
4) The pen you use should have a cap.
Not a clicking pen or any other type of pen. If you give a different pen, they may click it off and that body language may suggest a no. Give them then pen without the cap so they can get to the form without any barriers.
5) When filling the application form the first person who speaks loses.
Talking may distract a person from filling the form. They may look up at you and not fill the form. Remember that this is their decision time. They have taken a serious step in their career by deciding to launch their business with you. Guess who loses when your prospect is distracted? Both parties!
6) Don’t be afraid to ask for their payment method.
As someone who is launching their business, who is buying into the business, the prospect expects to pay. Don’t be afraid to ask for the payment. Smply ask, “Payment? VISA or Mastercard?” It is just as routine as asking for their name and address!
7) Put a big x next to where they have to sign.
An X is an indicator that navigates them to sign. There’s no fumbling, searching or confusion, just a clear indicator to sign.

Filling a form vs online

It is the psychology of filling out a piece of paper that makes a person’s decision to say YES to ByDzyne more concrete and committed. It is the physical manifestation of their decision. But if filling a physical form is not an option, there are ways to maintain that YES even online.

1) Build a relationship. FORM method
When you’re meeting a prospect online, it’s important to build a relationship with that person through the screen. It’s definitely easier to do in person, which is why you need to make an effort to build a sincere relationship online. You can use the FORM method to get to know them. Use Family Occupation Recreation & Motivation to get to know someone and find out their “Why”.
 People don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care.
2) Be yourself at all times

If you think you’re shy and not bold enough, remember to always just be your authentic self. Nothing gains the trust of a prospect more than a BA who is down to earth, real and themselves at all times. There’s no need to imitate or copy anyone else, especially when trying to gain someone’s trust, over a screen. So how do you get someone to KEEP their YES over a ZOOM?
3) Always get on a ZOOM
When meeting someone over the internet, it definitely seems simpler to just send a link to them. You could send a link but that is really the last thing you want to do. Always get on a zoom first. When people see how authentic you are, they will trust you and get to know what ByDzyne is all about by virtually interacting with a member.
4) Remember that application form? Time to get it out

When online, hold the form up and get their information. And again, don’t be afraid of asking for payment. If they have made a decision to say yes, they will expect to pay for it. It is a part of the routine process. You need to have the mindset that you have the best thing in the world and this is just procedure to potentially change someone’s life.


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