RECAP: Episode 6 – CBD 101 Frequently Asked Questions

RECAP: Episode 6 – CBD 101 Frequently Asked Questions

Episode 6 – Frequently Asked Questions

Episode 6 was packed with BD Nation’s burning questions answered in this FAQ episode with Dr. Sanjeev Sharma. For distributors, this episode is THE one to watch, to answer common questions asked everyday when talking about ALLUR and sharing its amazing benefits. Listen to testimonials and other gems shared in this very special FAQ episode!

Questions that were answered in this episode:

❓ What is the Endocannabinoid system and how does CBD interact with the Endocannabinoid system?

❓ What is the difference between CBD & THC?

❓ Will CBD show up on drug test?

❓ What is the CO2 extraction process? Why is it so much better than other extraction processes and why is it so much more expensive?

❓ What percent of CBD products are CO2 extracted?

❓ How many times per day should somebody apply the balm?

❓ Does CBD come from marijuana or hemp? What is the difference between the two?

❓ Is CBD Natural?

❓ Can I cook with ALLUR CBD oil?

❓ Is CBD legal?

❓ Will CBD get me high?

❓ What distinguishes ALLUR from other CBD products?

With so impactful questions and insightful answers about CBD, this episode is one NOT to miss! CBD101 is the best go-to resource for all the important information on CBD and ALLUR. Be sure to watch our entire series of CBD101 to know more about your favorite CBD product!

Dr. Sharma is a world-renowned & board-certified Cardiac Surgeon. In each episode, he gives us a unique perspective on the benefits and results of using CBD from 8 years of experience in treating and educating over 35,000 patients!

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