RECAP: Episode 5 – CBD 101 Bioavailability: Oil vs Water

RECAP: Episode 5 – CBD 101 Bioavailability: Oil vs Water

Episode 5 – Bioavailability: Oil vs. Water

Watch the fifth episode of 🌱CBD101 with Dr. Sanjeev Sharma. This week we discuss the importance of CBD bioavailability and how they relate to the effectiveness of ALLUR products, making them the best on the market.

Questions that were answered in this episode:
❓How do you make oil water soluble?
❓How do we digest fats?
❓Where do we digest fats?
❓How can we increase bioavailability?

CBD101 is the best go-to resource for all the important information on CBD and ALLUR. Be sure to watch our entire series of CBD101 to know more about your favorite CBD product! Dr. Sharma is a world-renowned & board-certified Cardiac Surgeon. In each episode, he gives us a unique perspective on the benefits and results of using CBD from 8 years of experience in treating and educating over 35,000 patients!

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