RECAP: Episode 2 -Mindmover Mondays

RECAP: Episode 2 -Mindmover Mondays

Ready to begin the week and gear into action? This Mindmover Monday, Chad & Nattida Chong talk about the most important tool in Network Marketing!

With exceptional training tips, tricks and tools coupled with LIVE interaction, Mindmover Mondays is for anyone from around the world, hungry to learn more! Remember that the best trained and informed team always WINS! Read on or CLICK HERE to watch the call to get all the latest advancements, updates and training prepared just for you.



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Catch today’s short training session on our ByDzyne Official Facebook Page! If you want Chad & Nattida to answer some of your burning business related questions, go to Telegram and send a message to @bydzynecorp with the hashtag #askchadnattida. Don’t forget to mention your name and where you’re writing in from for a quick shout out during the LIVE training session.

Training Topic for the day:

The most important tool in Network Marketing!

The relationship you develop when connecting with your prospect is that of trust. Your prospect trusts your experience and could potentially be open to the opportunity. But how do you get your prospect to take the next step? How do you entice them to attend an event or catch a LIVE online BDO? Most importantly, how do you close your prospect? The answer is simple –

Edify your Expert!

Why is edification effective?

When you edify your Upline, you establish credibility and in doing so your prospect will also hold them in high regard. When you uplift your expert, the people, the products and the company, you uplift your prospect in showing them that they too can achieve what your top leaders in the industry have achieved. Your prospect will respect their journey, success, generosity and any other positive traits that may influence them into wanting to listen to this expert. Not just listen, but listen to the opportunity with an open mind. After all you want the expert to close your prospect.

Edification sets up your Expert to close your prospect easily and allows you to continue to build your organization seamlessly.

CLICK HERE to watch Chad & Nattida talk about the importance of edification, how it helped them in their own journey through Network Marketing and how it can help you.

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