New Rank Advance Bonus Promo (Feb 1-15, 2020)

New Rank Advance Bonus Promo (Feb 1-15, 2020)

February 1-15, 2020
Eligible to Earn: New & Existing Active BAs

MOVE UP with MORE MONEY in your pocket!

How high can YOU go?! 
Advance ONCE to a NEW Rank and receive a one-time Congratulations Bonus*!

The Rank Advance Bonus will be based on the highest NEW ‘Paid As’ Rank achieved when 2020PC3 has locked (February 19, 2020), and will not be an accumulated bonus*.
* Only 1 bonus per BA Member


  • Promotional Period: 2020PC3 (Between February 1, 2020 to February 15, 2020 11:59 PM Pacific).
  • Eligible To Earn: New & Existing Active Brand Ambassadors (BA).
  • Country Exclusions: None
  • An eligible Rank advancement qualification is based on an ACTIVE BA advancing to a NEW Rank that they have not achieved previously, and that
  • Rank must be achieved before 2020PC3 CLOSES (Feb. 15, 2020 11:59 PM Pacific) and all funds must be cleared before 2020PC3 LOCKS (February 19, 2020 11:59 PM Pacific).
  • The bonus will be paid based on the last highest NEW ‘Paid As’ Rank achieved when 2020PC3 has locked (Feb. 19, 11:59 PM 2020). The bonus will NOT be an accumulated bonus based on multiple rank advancements during the promotional period.
  • Only 1 bonus per Active BA Member.

New ‘Paid As’ Rank Qualification Example:
On Feb. 3rd you achieved the new rank of President. On Feb. 15th at the close of the cycle you achieved the new rank of 3 Star President. When the cycle LOCKS on Feb. 19th, due to a return/cancelation/lack of payment for an order (under “Other”) your new ‘Paid As’ Rank is now 2 Star President. You will receive a full payout bonus of US$10,000 as a 2 Star President (as long as this is the first time you have achieved this rank) with the 2020PC3 commission payout.


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Please read ALL the Promo Rules and Terms & Conditions by downloading the PDF below.

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