The NEW Commission Payout Schedule – A quicker way to get paid

The NEW Commission Payout Schedule – A quicker way to get paid

Announced on the Mind Mover’s Training call on 27, Jan, 2020, ByDzyne has found the quickest way for you to get paid! As we are constantly finding ways to improve our systems during this beta phase, now the cycle will be locked not 10 days but just 3 business days after the cycle closes! You will see your BD wallet loaded every Friday!

The NEW Commission Payout Schedule is as follows:

Cycle Closes (15th | last day in month)
Once a cycle closes (15th or the last day of the month), there will be a minimum of 3 business days for processing “others”, cancellations, or refunds.

Cycle Locks (3rd business day after Cycle Closes)*
At the end of the 3rd business day, commissions will be locked and the BD Wallet will be loaded with you qualified earnings on the following Friday.

BD Wallets Loaded (Fridays)
BD Wallets are loaded every Friday with your qualified commissions.

Transfer Requests (Saturdays & Sundays)
Every Saturday and Sunday BAs will be able to initiate any transfer requests from their BD Wallet into their Global eWallet.

Global eWallet Loaded (Tuesdays)*
Every Tuesday, your Global eWallet will be loaded with requested fund transfers.

*For Thailand BAs, please make sure to complete your Bank Account information under ‘Bank Info’ in the BD Wallet section by Friday in order for ByDzyne to transfer funds by Tuesday.

Download the Commission Payout Schedule in English and Spanish here under ‘Guides’.

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