RECAP: How to Entice Customers! – Ep. 7 – Mindmover Mondays

RECAP: How to Entice Customers! – Ep. 7 – Mindmover Mondays

Yesterday’s MMM has some BIG announcements and a very special training session delivered by Nat Puranaputra, Co-Owner and Chairman of ByDzyne. Don’t miss this valuable training with so much to learn from one of the top leaders and earners in the industry!

Read on or CLICK HERE to watch the call.



Product Video Translations: The SMA 2 minute video is now available in the following sub-titles: Spanish, Thai, Japanese, Chinese Traditional & Simplified. Stay tuned as we have more video translations for our videos coming soon.


Report Updates:
Enroller Team Activity Report -With the new updated feature, you can now see how much BV your enroller tree team members need to qualify for the next ‘Paid as Rank’!
T.E.A.M = Together Everyone Achieves More
Check it out in your Back Office under My Business > Reports > Enroller Team Activity.

Upgrade your TVC % by flagging an ORDER:
For New Enrollments

Step 1: Place an order (through Shop or Autoship) with the BV difference between your enrollment order and the TVC % you want to qualify for.
Step 2: Login to your Back Office, go to My Account > Orders > Order History. Find the order that you just placed, and click the Upgrade button.
!! The upgrade button will appear once you place the order, but you must click the order as an ‘upgrade’ before the Pay Week that the order was placed in ends. Eg: If you place an order on Feb 3rd, you have until the end of day Feb 7th to upgrade that order. 
Important Note: 
Enrollment BV difference upgrades must be completed within 4 Pay Cycles. After 4 Pay Cycles you will have to purchase the full BV required to reach your desired TVC% level.
Upgrade orders do not count towards your active status, ou need to decide if your order will count towards Active Status OR as an Upgrade.


On Wednesday, January 22nd, all qualifiers (Cyber Cycle and PES Annual Purchaser) of the Destination Giveaway Trip will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to register for your vacation!
1) Click the link in your email.
2) Fill out the form, choose your country and city.
3) Submit your form and within 48 hours you will be sent a voucher for your trip with instruction on how to activate.
4) Click on the ACTIVATE link in your email, pay the nightly taxes & fees, and then you’ll have 18 months to complete your travel!
Note: YOU MUST ACTIVATE THE VOUCHER WITHIN 7 DAYS OF RECIEVING IT. Once you vacation is activated you can select travel dates, choose from participating hotels/resorts (based on availability), choose your room type, and book your complimentary vacation.


Business For Home Poll:

Calling all of #BDNation! Rally everyone you know to VOTE for ByDzyne for the BEST compensation plan out there. We know it to be true, and now it’s time to let the WORLD know. This will be an AMAZING tool to use for your current and future prospects once we reach top ranks and win the poll. VOTE NOW!
1. Download / Update the FREE Business For Home app.

2. Go to the MENU (upper right corner)
3. Select Poll
4. Log in to your Facebook account
5. Select ByDzyne
6. Push the vote button!


1) SMA Strong Leg Promo & SMA Active Status Promo extended: With Cycle 16 extended to January 15, 2020, you now have more time to rank up and build faster. Rank up with these promos. Click for promo details:
SMA Strong Leg Promo
SMA Active Status Promo
Sell 3, Earn Cash Promo

2) PES Annual Product Promotion: Purchase any product or kit with the PES Annual Plan and receive not 1 but 2 complimentary Vacation Trips for up to 8 days & 7 nights!
Receive the Viva Mexico Vacay AND Destination Giveaway trip! Read Promo details and rules by CLICKING HERE.

For existing PES subscribers:
> Good news for Existing PES Annual Subscribers! – If you purchased any products or kits that contained the PES ANNUAL/PES PLUS product, you will receive 1 x Destination Giveaway trip retroactively. If you purchased the 2+1 Year PES PRO Plan, guess what, we’re giving you one Destination Giveaway trip per year! That’s right, 3 Destination Giveaway Trips! (Note: Only 1 trip can be used per year). You will receive an email shortly with more details on how you can redeem your Destination Giveaway Trip so you can start planning on where you would like to travel!
> For Monthly Subscribers Upgrade to PES Annual! – You are eligible for one Destination Giveaway trip with an upgrade purchase of the PES Annual Rebill. Only one Viva Mexico Vacay trip will be given per account for the initial purchase of any PES Subscription and will not be given for any subsequent PES purchases including upgrades.


Wednesday, January 15th @ 7pm Pacific – Wealth Wednesdays with Gary ‘FXBigDog’ Fichardt. For Spanish & Thai Translations ZOOM ID: 166-778-278.
Wednesday, January 16th @ 6pm Pacific & 8pm Bangkok
Live BDO Presentations in English & Thai on the ByDzyne Official Facebook Page.
Monday, January 20th @ 6pm PacificCBD101 with Dr. Sharma on the ByDzyne Official Facebook Page.
Monday, January 20th @ 7pm PacificMindmover Monday with Chad & Nattida Chong


Lima, Peru – January 23rd
Bogota, Colombia – January 25th | Registration: 2:00pm | Event timings: 3:00pm to 8:00pm | Location: Teatrino Compensar Av 68 #49a 47
More event details will be announced soon! Join & Subscribe to our Social channels for the announcement.


Bangkok, Thailand – February 29th.
Calling all ByDzyne leaders from all over the world! Come have the experience of a lifetime with the ByDzyne Family!


Training Topic for the day:



Anything new can be scary, but it can also be exciting and present amazing opportunities. As a ByDzyne business owner, you want to say “YES!” to every unique product and truly embody all it has to offer. We have only the best products in the most trending markets and you want to be able to capture them all! A true Brand Ambassador creates a versatile business portfolio and represents ALL the products. A BA is not hesitant to take on anything because they know that at ByDzyne, we only create limitless opportunities with every product!
You may say that you represent one vertical and prefer to excel in it. Remember your customer base is full of different people with different interests. Embrace the chance to present Smart Market Academy, because it is one of the most ground-breaking products in this industry today. And as we’re hot on the heels of its recent launch, now is a great time to have prospects get in on this massive momentum!

3 Steps to present SMA

Ask your prospect

1) “In the last 10 years, for the money you put into the bank, how much did you earn from it?”
8-9 out of 10 people will most likely say “Nothing!”

2) “If there was a skill set you could learn that could help you multiply your money, would you be interested?”
Learn something that could help me make more money? Who wouldn’t be interested!

3) “Come watch our BDO.” “What is it about? It’s about you meeting someone that’s going to help you and give you the skill sets to multiply your money.”
As simple as that! Invite them to a BDO to learn about the opportunity or watch the SMA 2 minute video.

PRO TIP: Stay Compliant!
While SMA is a great opportunity to earn while you learn, always be sure to stay compliant while presenting SMA. Make compliant statements and do not promise any kind of results.
This is your chance to grow as an entrepreneur and ignite that spark in your business.


CLICK HERE to watch the entire training with Chad & Nattida Chong!

Read and download the Mindmover Mondays Episode 7 Recap below. Document contains all Promotional Rules for Promotions which end on Jan 15, 2020.

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