RECAP: Keep the Momentum Going for 2020 – Ep. 6 – Mindmover Mondays

RECAP: Keep the Momentum Going for 2020 – Ep. 6 – Mindmover Mondays

Yesterday’s MMM has some BIG announcements and a very special training session delivered by Nat Puranaputra, Co-Owner and Chairman of ByDzyne. Don’t miss this valuable training with so much to learn from one of the top leaders and earners in the industry!

Read on or CLICK HERE to watch the call.



UnitedByDzyne is the ideal recruiting tool. You can translate any page on the website to the language of your choice, allowing you to recruit anyone from your country!
Product Video Translations: The SMA 2 Minute product video is now available in Spanish! CLICK HERE to watch. Stay tuned as we have more translations for our videos coming soon.


Premier ECO Rewards Video: We will soon be releasing a video about the Premier ECO Rewards Program – How to Navigate and use PER.
Social Share Option: The option to share your own ECO personal link is coming soon! With this feature in your PES Back Office Page, you can click on the ‘Copy Link’ button and paste your personalized link on any Social platform you want to share an ECO. (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.). When a person signs up on using your link, they will automatically become your customer!
The announcement for this new feature will be made as soon as it goes Live in the Back Office under Premier ECO Subscription.


Business For Home Poll:

Calling all of #BDNation! Rally everyone you know to VOTE for ByDzyne for the BEST compensation plan out there. We know it to be true, and now it’s time to let the WORLD know. This will be an AMAZING tool to use for your current and future prospects once we reach top ranks and win the poll. VOTE NOW!
1. Download / Update the FREE Business For Home app.

2. Go to the MENU (upper right corner)
3. Select Poll
4. Log in to your Facebook account
5. Select ByDzyne
6. Push the vote button!

ByDzyne is listed as one of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies for 2020: With a company database of over 1,000 Direct Selling companies from all over the world, ByDzyne has been selected as one of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies for the year 2020!


Smart Market Academy is now accessible in your Back Office!

First steps to accessing you SMA Account:

Once your payment has been received, you will get an email with instructions on how to ACTIVATE your enrollment in order to access SMA.
1. Log in to your Back Office
2. Go to My Account > Smart Market Academy on the left menu under ‘My Account’.
3. Click ‘Activate Now’

You have now activated your Smart Market Academy enrollment. Your account will be active from the date of purchase. Your re-bill date for the same will be visible in the top right of the SMA section. It’s time to get ready to fast-track your wealth knowledge!
Please read the Do’s and Don’ts and Terms & Conditions in the top left of the SMA section, to protect your business and share the SMA opportunity within compliance.

Click on any of the “How To” videos to learn more about each section.
Purchase & Activate SMA
Access &navigate SMA
Access & Navigate SmartTrader
Register with AVATrade
Register with Forest Park FX

Use the Roadmap provided in your welcome email to guide you through your courses.


Episode 1 on Jan 15th @ 7PM: Every Wednesday at 7PM Pacific, join in the Facebook Live ‘Wealth Wednesday’ series with Gary ‘FXBigDog’ Fichardt, Director of Trading, MTI. Wealth Wednesday is your opportunity to learn more about your SMA product and also how to promote and market SMA. Invite your prospects to join in to learn about Smart Market Academy, as this will be the perfect presentation, straight from the expert himself, Gary Fichardt.


1) SMA Strong Leg Promo & SMA Active Status Promo extended: With Cycle 16 extended to January 15, 2020, you now have more time to rank up and build faster. Rank up with these promos. Click for promo details:
SMA Strong Leg Promo
SMA Active Status Promo
Sell 3, Earn Cash Promo

2) PES Annual Product Promotion: Purchase any product or kit with the PES Annual Plan and receive not 1 but 2 complimentary Vacation Trips for up to 8 days & 7 nights!
Receive the Viva Mexico Vacay AND Destination Giveaway trip! Read Promo details and rules by CLICKING HERE.

For existing PES subscribers:
> Good news for Existing PES Annual Subscribers! – If you purchased any products or kits that contained the PES ANNUAL/PES PLUS product, you will receive 1 x Destination Giveaway trip retroactively.
> For Monthly Subscribers Upgrade to PES Annual! – You are eligible for one Destination Giveaway trip with an upgrade purchase of the PES Annual Rebill. Only one Viva Mexico Vacay trip will be given per account for the initial purchase of any PES Subscription and will not be given for any subsequent PES purchases including upgrades.


Wednesday, January 8th @ 6pm Pacific & 8pm BangkokLive BDO Presentations in English & Thai on the ByDzyne Official Facebook Page.
Monday, January 13 @ 6pm PacificCBD101 with Dr. Sharma on the ByDzyne Official Facebook Page.
Monday, January 13 @ 7pm PacificMindmover Monday with Chad & Nattida Chong
Wednesday, January 15th @ 7pm PacificWealth Wednesdays with Gary ‘FXBigDog’ Fichardt. For Spanish & Thai Translations ZOOM ID: 166-778-278.


Lima, Peru – January 23rd
Bogota, Colombia – January 25th
Event details will be announced soon! Join & Subscribe to our Social channels for the announcement.


Bangkok, Thailand – February 29th.
Calling all ByDzyne leaders from all over the world! Come have the experience of a lifetime with the ByDzyne Family!


This week Co-Owner & Chairman, Nat Puranaputra delivered a powerful training on setting the momentum for 2020 backed up by a solid plan based on the ByDzyne opportunity that will work for you if you are ready to stay committed to it. More than once Nat & Chanida Puranaputra have held the titles of Top Income Earners and Leaders of the Year in their respective companies, and in their last company became the #2 Global Direct Sales Earners in the entire world, and did so in just under a year. Their passion and energy are infectious and their desire to help people reach their dreams and attain financial freedom will be an enduring part of their legacy. Be sure to watch the entire training HERE to watch one of the top trainers and leaders in MLM deliver an important training for the year ahead .

Training Topic for the day:


 Company + Distributor working as a team = Momentum

Create Leaders with ByDzyne

To build a business at ByDzyne, we have to create leaders to lead the organization. Great leaders are:
Problem solvers

Create the System

Create a solid system that can be used and duplicated to grow your organization

1. Everybody knows it
2. Everybody does it
3. It works

How do you create the system? It starts with YOU! If you want to become a millionaire, you have to think and act like a millionaire keeping your goals in mind. We recommend to anyone who wants to really grow in ByDzyne to start with 20% TVC right away!

System Hack!

Use the 3-6-9 System 

Become a Builder
1 left, 1 right ONE TIME and you have the potential to earn up to $500,000 per cycle!

Become a Pro-Builder
3 left, 3 right ONE TIME

Duplicate the system to rank up!

Become a Diamond & Get your money back from your investment

If you help the 3 left and 3 right to become Pro-Builders, you become a Diamond. You have created a system to create more Pro-Builders. As a Pro Builder, focus on 650 BV and train everyone to do the same thing – to become a Pro-Builder. At this stage it is crucial to solidify your system. To do so, you need to perfect 3 things.
1. Become Pro-Builder
2. Help the people you sponsor become Pro-Builders as well
3. Train them to create more Pro-Builders

By duplicating the 3-6-9 System, you go from Pro-builder > Diamond > President > Crown with the help of your trained leaders.

Placement as Binary, Build as of Unilevel
With 3 left and 3 right, help and train all 6 to become Pro-Builders and duplicate the same system. 6 wide, 4 deep with everyone as Pro-Builders.
This is how you will make your $1,000,000!

It’s time to make your decision
Why is Network Marketing the best business to invest in?

In traditional businesses that run successfully, you need capital, infrastructure, employees and a whole lot of investment that you may not see until a few years later. With Network Marketing and ByDzyne, this is the best investment you could make with just $5,000 to start with! In this industry, when your team grows, you grow and your earning potential is limitless.
With ByDzyne, you have not ONE but FOUR verticals to build your business in. This is a company where you have the Power of Choice! Build a business and succeed in whatever you do, with all the right tools and training provided here.
ByDzyne is a people driven company and not product-driven, therefore you know you will be well looked after while you create your legacy with us

Get the momentum going now!
Start 2020 with 20!

Sponsor 20 People within 30 days
Start 2020 today with 20 People and set the momentum. Set your mind and heart to build your organization together with us. ByDzyne’s Compensation Plan offers limitless opportunity and premier training, tools and a heart for its leaders. No one will stop you except yourself!

Remember that the Universe loves speed!

Don’t delay

Don’t second guess

Don’t doubt

Your time is NOW!


CLICK HERE to watch the entire training with Nat Puranaputra and get that momentum going NOW!

No Opportunity Waits

Read and download the Mindmover Mondays Episode 6 Recap below. Document contains all Promotional Rules for Promotions which end on Jan 15, 2020.

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