CBD 101 RECAP: Episode 15 – CBD & receptors

CBD 101 RECAP: Episode 15 – CBD & receptors

CBD & our cells

Interaction on a cellular level
We already know that CBD interacts with the receptors in our body. But how? Recent studies indicate that CBD influences the expression of some genes by directly activating PPARs, a non-cannabinoid receptor situated on the cell’s nucleus. CBD’s ability to activate PPAR-gamma has promising therapeutic implications, particularly with respect to cancer and metabolic disorders.

What are PPARs?
To simply put it, a PPAR (peroxisome proliferator activated receptor) is like a lock on the covering of the nucleus of the cells. It controls and influences the functions of metabolism, dealing with allergies, etc. They can have an impact on how tumors can grow or how they can’t grow, so it has profound effects on the body. The CBD’s interaction with the PPAR is the magic behind how CBD helps with inflammation, sleep, stress, and anything that might be causing distress to the body.

There are 3 types of PPARs: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. These tiny receptors are hugely responsible for what happens or doesn’t happen in our bodies. Essentially these are the core functions they are responsible for alleviating.




Fatty acid
Signal Cascade

Fatty acid metabolism
Cell differentiation
Nuclear receptor repair

Adipocyte differentiation
Cell cycle

The word isn’t out yet, HOWEVER…

There are several ongoing studies that indicate and suggest CBD to be a hugely influential benefactor in dealing with certain conditions, diseases, etc.

CBD as an anti-inflammatory
Most people use Ibuprofen, Advil, etc as anti-inflammatories. These affect both the channels of the COX-2 pathway and might have negative side effects.
CBD only affects the second channel and does not have negative effects.

Blood vessels
If a tumor in the body needs to grow it needs to be fed. The cells of the tumor are fed through new blood vessels created by the PPAR-alpha. However, when CBD interacts with the cell, it activates
PPAR-gamma, which is a negative signal to PPAR-alpha. So it decreases the body’s ability to create those new blood vessels, and that’s how CBD has been shown to shrink tumors.

Clinical application
PPAR-gamma with CBD is helpful in leading to the breakdown in fat and in improving the sensitivity of our insulin. Read more about CBD and its effect on diabetes HERE.

If we activate PPAR-gamma through the use of CBD, we can decrease the number of blood vessels that starve the cancer cells.

Alzheimer’s Disease
PPAR gamma with CBD decreases the plaque build-up or inflammation in the brain.


Watch Episode 15 of CBD101 linked below to learn all about CBD and its effects on the the body through receptors. 
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