BFH: Jed Buenaluz Achieves 2 Star President Rank

BFH: Jed Buenaluz Achieves 2 Star President Rank

Jed Buenaluz has generated with his team over $400,000 sales revenue in 2 weeks. However, Jed propelled beyond that, generating over $850,000.

Not only that, Jed also produced another 2 Star President, Christian Nunez, as well as President Tyler Shirakawa underneath his leadership and frontline.

With ByDzyne being just under 9 months old and already open in over 70+ countries around the globe, Jed Buenaluz aka Mr. International has built one of the fastest growing teams.

Even with teams launching and growing in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and now Latin America Jed says,

We’re just getting started. This Company is truly amazing! Our Owners have a heart of Gold and a Vision so contiguous that every new Brand Ambassador loves sharing the ByDzyne Story.

Our 5 verticals really make us unique as a company:

  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Technology
  • Wellness
  • Forex Education

Our New Vertical, FOREX EDUCATION, has really attracted many Strong Leaders with industry experience in different parts of the Globe! It is our digital products that help us grow with speed, while our physical products help us grow with stability.

Jed Buenaluz and team

After 14 Years in the Profession and building teams in 40 + countries, I truly believe Leadership & Mentorship is the key for massive growth and success. You must also have the right culture where everyone follows the system, which creates unity and success stories!”

Jed Attributes his success to:

  • FaithVision
  • Leadership
  • Team Family culture
  • Mentorship
  • Following the system
  • Strong Relationship
  • Work-ethic
  • Personal development

This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without an amazing PowerHouse Leadership Team, and our ByDzyne Corporate staff who work around the clock just to support us worldwide.

I love every single one of you. Thank you for your commitment, leadership, and dedication.

I feel so blessed I get to work with the most amazing selfless leaders in the business. Our Team is a family.

Jed’s 2020 Vision is to create 1,000 Diamonds around the globe.

This young man is leading the company into massive Momentum in 2020. We are honored to have him as a Founding Brand Ambassador for ByDzyne and now the number 1 Earner.

Said Sophia Wong, President of ByDzyne

We just love Jed. He is seriously of the hardest working Brand Ambassadors! His passion and love for people is what makes him so powerful and why we believe he’ll impact thousands of lives. We are so honored to be working with Jed, and he has truly become family.

– Chad & Nattida Chong, Co-Founders of ByDzyne

So proud of Jed’s leadership and work ethic. He is travelling the world just to help the organization, and it is his heart and work ethic that attracts people to him. There is no doubt that Jed will become a massive success story.

– Nat & Chanida Puranaputra, Charimen of ByDzyne.

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